strategy consulting firmsWe offer a number of innovative retail solutions to deliver improved sales and income which in today’s competitive marketplace can give your company the competitive benefit. As in law, for consumers facing bet the business” strategic issues, paying prime dollar for name-brand remedy shops will make sense, if for no other cause than that board members will not query the analytics created by prestigious firms.

Ideally, this method will offset the weakness of not having an Net presence, which addresses the issues of Quadrant two. Additionally, by bolstering the strength of outstanding buyer service by applying it to the on-line purchasing web site, the company may be in a position to alleviate consumer concerns about identity theft (Quadrant three). A technique for Quadrant 4, which matches the company’s weaknesses and threats, is that Generic might take into account promoting its online organization to a competitor.

As a single of the major consulting businesses in Dubai, we have the expertise and skill required to style and integrate options that are not only sensible for your workers and your enterprise, but successful at producing sustainable financial value.strategy consulting firms

AdvanceLaw and other emerging firms are helping common counsel move beyond cost and brand as proxies for high quality by way of what Firoz Dattu, AdvanceLaw’s founder, calls the Yelpification of law.” His organization vets firms and independent practitioners for high quality, efficiency, and client service and shares overall performance info with its membership of 90 general counsel from key worldwide businesses, like Google, Panasonic, Nike, and eBay.

But in 2001 Enron, an power-trading firm, went bust and took its auditor, Arthur Andersen, down with it. In response, America’s Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley corporate-governance reform, which banned firms from doing systems consulting for firms they audited.