consulting firmsBoston Consulting Group (BCG) stands among the world’s leading consulting firms. Our NSP status is an elite ranking attained by fewer than 40 consulting firms nationwide, whilst our gold certified companion status and competencies demonstrate that we’ve met a stringent set of criteria, including specialized certifications and an extensive portfolio of genuine-world customer references, to be identified as the most skilled partner offered in the answer areas we serve.

There are nearly all the application and tools available which are vastly assisting in consulting in some of most critical places like – Proposals (tools like BigMachines, Access Commerce), Project Preparing and Collaboration ( tools: BaseCamp, QTask, Microsoft Live Meeting, Skype), Study ( tools: Web Harvesters, Mozenda, Fetch, Google Docs), Consulting Methodologies ( Tools: RapidBI, NetMBA) and Presentation Builders ( tools: Presentia, XCelsius, NetXpression).

Considering that the fight for talent is ongoing and getting fiercer , firms need to find ways to expand their talent pools beyond usual suspect” schools To name just one particular location exactly where Weinstein’s findings could make a distinction, analysis has found that higher-attaining students from low-revenue backgrounds are unlikely to apply to selective universities, which of course makes them unlikely to work for elite firms.

You clearly have zero understanding of the consulting business…you do not even mention the standard concept of leverage, in which your hugely-paid ($150-200 hr) consultants use the decrease paid ones to do a lot of the background operate such as making reports and presentations at the higher rate…and for these who consider this is cheating, it’s normal practice in the industry in which pricing is based on consumer-percieved worth, not on the cost the firm is paying for a rookie consultant.

The firm’s organization is predominantly in the corporate and organization consulting service arena, despite the fact that it has in current effectively adapted its model to consist of a lot of new service lines in the technologies space, such as McKinsey Advanced Information & Analytics, McKinsey Digital, McKinsey Implementation, McKinsey Recovery & Transformation Services and McKinsey firms